Research & Development

Data, technology and product innovation

Data gives us an edge

Around 10 years ago, we began to invest heavily in developing our data capabilities, through key hires and investment in technology platforms.

Today, we boast some of the leading data science capabilities in the broking sector, allowing us to monitor market dynamics, model risks and assess pricing ourselves. All of which can create an advantage in negotiations, allowing us to deliver more for our clients. 

Drawing on proprietary and publicly-accessible sources, our data is clean, clear and consistent, which makes our insights richer and more valuable.

Introducing Howden Ventures

Howden Ventures launched in October 2023 to create an investment and risk incubator that will fast-track insurance product development. Its focus is on bringing forward solutions to new and emerging risks in a fast-paced and interconnected world. Find out more.

Laptop screen showing a data chart

Our digital ecosystem – giving our people the infrastructure to thrive

Working together collectively is a cornerstone of how we do business, so it follows that our data systems work effectively together too.

Having a unified ‘digital backbone’ means our software systems and portals can talk to one another, speeding up processes and providing ‘one version of the truth.’

It also helps heighten efficiencies when working with our capacity providers and other partners - we are able to connect to each others' systems seamlessly, taking the friction out of doing business. 

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Not all insurance innovation is tech-centric

There are only 12 notes in the chromatic scale, but there’s an infinite number of songs in the playbook.

Insurance is similar. The fundamentals of insurance are the same as they were in 1600s England, in the days of Edward Lloyds' coffee house.  

The world has changed immeasurably since then. So insurers and brokers have adapted, flexing the fundamental principles to cover new risks, solve new problems and find better solutions.

Sometimes this means small tweaks to make tailored wordings, others entirely new products.