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There were several well documented macroeconomic and geopolitical events that had a significant impact on the deal-making environment across the world last year. Global M&A deal value and volume were down 33% and 18% respectively compared to 20221. Despite this the M&A insurance market remained comparatively resilient.

Our annual review outlines and analyses key trends seen last year, from deal volumes and the most common deal sizes seen, to pricing trends and the top performing sectors and jurisdictions. All findings are supported by data consolidated by our team and presented throughout the report. By using these figures and trends from 2023, we are able to make predictions for 2024 on how the M&A insurance industry is likely to adapt to economic and political uncertainties.

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An essential read for clients, brokers and insurers in the global M&A and W&I space, providing analysis, expertise and value you can add to your business right away.

Videos: 5 key takeaways from the Howden M&A annual review

This year our team have created short videos to accompany the report, focused on 5 key things to note that are happening within the M&A insurance industry. This includes innovation and new ways we can protect your deals, interesting changes seen in the French market and how claims have evolved within the current economic environment.

Watch the videos below for high level overviews straight from experts in our W&I, Environmental, Tax & Contingent risks and Claims teams.

Innovation in the W&I market

There have been many innovations in the W&I market to make insuring loan portfolios and secondaries transactions possible. Joe Mathis and Michael Watters explain the progress made in these areas and how this can help secure these deals going forward.


Three trends in the French W&I market

Lucie Bocel explains trends seen in the French W&I (GAP insurance) market including how the audience of W&I insurance has changed, why the sell side initiating insurance policies may become more common and the changes seen in the use of W&I insurance in France.


How is the environmental risk market responding to the changing legislative and regulatory landscape?

Public and private sectors have identified pollution and biodiversity as core risks they are likely to face in the next 2-10 years. Growing pressure around ESG and time pressure when it comes to deals can be complicated issues when considering environmental factors during a transaction. Daniela Bergs explains how environmental insurance can be used as a simple deal tool to reduce complications in the long term.


How are the applications of tax and contingent risk insurance expanding?

Both tax and contingent risk insurance have broad uses and are being seen as a tool for clients to unlock risks. The merging of our tax and contingent risks teams has increased the value we are able to offer clients and allows us to anticipate needs for the developing product. Darrel Lamsdale and Jakub (Kuba) Grabarz discuss how this insurance product is being used in a more dynamic way.


Claims trends and 2024 outlook

2023 was a quieter year for deals but a much busier year for claims. There are common reasons for this and Anna Robsinson explains these in the video below, as well as providing an outlook for what she expects to see this year.




1Pitchbook (Data available to end of November 2023)

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